Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF)

Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF)

The Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) is Malaysia’s declaration about its qualifications and their quality in relation to its education system.

MQF is an instrument that develops and classifies qualifications based on a set of criteria that are approved nationally and benchmarked against international best practices, and which clarifies the earned academic levels, learning outcomes of study areas and credit system based on student academic load. These criteria are accepted and used for all qualifications awarded by recognised higher education providers. Hence, MQF integrates with and links all national qualifications.

MQF also provides educational pathways through which it links qualifications systematically. These pathways will enable the individual to progress through credit transfers and accreditation of prior experiential learning, in the context of lifelong learning.

Eight Levels of MQF Qualifications

The MQF has eight levels of qualifications in three national higher education sectors and is supported by lifelong education pathways. The sectors are (a) Skills; (b) Vocational and Technical; and (c) Academic.

Levels 1 to 3 are Skills Certificates awarded by the Skills Sectors. Academic and Vocational and Technical Certificates are at Level 3. Meanwhile, Diploma and Advanced Diploma are at Levels 4 and 5. Bachelors Degree is at Level 6, Masters Degree at Level 7 and Doctoral Degree at Level 8.

The levels are differentiated by learning outcomes, credit hours and student learning time.

Lifelong education pathways cut across all levels of qualifications through accreditation of prior experiential learning.

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