Term And Conditions

1. Programme Overview
  The Internship Programme at the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) is mainly to share its best practices amongst quality assurance agencies and other higher education organizations.
2. Eligibility Requirement
  The Internship is open to officials of quality assurance agencies and, in cases where there is none, to officials of ministries in charge of higher education of the interested country. It is also open to officials of educational organizations.
3. Period & Tentative
  3.1 The Internship is designed with the duration of five working days.
  3.2 Content of the program may be subjected to change form time to time.
  3.3 MQA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the Internship subjected to the number of participation.
4. Facilities
  The Intern will enjoy the facilities provided by the MQA for the duration of the Internship. These facilities include an office space, communication facilities and basic stationeries. Transportation throughout the program will be provided.
5. Code of Conduct
  The Intern must adhere to MQA's Code of Conduct for the duration of the Internship which includes:
  5.1 The Intern will be punctual and adhere to the policies of the MQA which may be set out verbally in a staff handbook or provided through the course of Internship;
  5.2 Request for sick leave must be directed to the Intern's Supervisor at the MQA;
  5.3 The Intern must adhere to the MQA's dress code during business hours;
  5.4 The Intern will be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from his or her acts while taking part in the Internship. The Intern agrees to indemnify the MQA, or any other party that may suffer loss by reason of the Intern's Conduct;
  5.5 The Intern must behave in an orderly and professional manner at all times whilst participating in their Internship program. Any serious misconduct or breach of this Code of Conduct may result in the cancellation of the Internship and immediate dismissal from the Programme.
6. Document Review and Confidentiality of Information
  All documents are available for the purpose of the Internship only. The Intern is required to maintain the confidentiality of their assignment, documents, materials, information and the like. The Intern should not make public any of the above information without the written permission of the MQA.
7. Site Visits
  The Intern will participate in site visits as observer. If the sites are located outside of Kuala Lumpur area, the cost will be borne by the Intern.
8. Fees and Charges
  8.1 Full settlement of the commitment fees should be paid by the Intern to the MQA within the agreed time frame.
  8.2 In any case of cancellation from the participant, the paid fee will be returned minus the total sum of expected incurred cost by MQA.
9. General Terms and Conditions
  9.1 The Internship offer does not constitute an Employment Agreement or any offer of employment with the MQA;
  9.2 The MQA will issue a Certificate of Completion to the Intern upon completion of the Internship;
  9.3 The MQA has the right to amend the Internship Program if it believes any such amendment is necessary to comply with any Malaysian rules, laws or regulations;
  9.4 The MQA will only bear expenditures during working hours or site visits in Kuala Lumpur. Other expenditures including site visits outside of Kuala Lumpur will be borne by the Intern;
  9.5 The Intern is responsible for all of his or her acts along with any loss or damage resulting from those acts while on the Internship.
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