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Bachelor of Teaching (Hons) Guidance and Counseling

Reference Number : MQA/FA8254
Certificate Number : 17452
Name of Qualification : Bachelor of Teaching (Hons) Guidance and Counseling
Date of Accreditation (dd/mm/yyyy) : 06/04/2018 to 05/04/2023
Compliance Audit : NA
Name of Institution : Institute of Teacher Education Kota Bharu Campus
Address : Pengkalan Chepa
    16109 Kota Bharu
Telephone No. : 09-771 7700
Fax No. : 09-773 8488
E-mail : ipgmkb@ipkb.edu.my
Website : http://www.ipgkkb.edu.my/
Type : Bachelors Degree
MQF Level : 6
NEC Field (National Education Code) : 145 (Training for teachers with subject specialisation)
Professional Body : Board of Counselors
Equivalency For Public Services : Bachelor of Education with Honours
No. of Credits : 154
Mode of Study : Full Time
Duration of Study (years) :

Full Time

Weeks/Semester Semesters Duration


17 8 4 year/s


- -
Mode of Delivery : Conventional
Remark(s) : NA

NA : Not Available    


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