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Malaysian Qualifications Framework: an explanation or description of the national education system that is understood at the international level, which clarifies all qualifications and academic achievement in higher education (post secondary) and how these qualifications are meaningfully linked.

Learning Outcome: a statement on what students should know, understand and can do upon the completion of a period of study.

Credit: a quantitative measurement that represents the learning volume or the academic load to achieve the respective learning outcomes.

Academic Load: a quantitative measurement for all learning activities required to achieve the learning outcomes.

Qualification Level: an award level described with generic outcomes or a qualification descriptor which characterises typical qualification.

Profile: a specific subject or a field of study for a qualification or features that are different in conglomeration of qualifications of various disciplines which has a similar emphasis or level.

Qualification: a certificate, diploma or degree, which is awarded by a higher education provider or any party that is authorised to confer or to award the qualification and to affirm the earned learning outcomes.

Qualification Descriptor: a generic statement that explains the main learning outcomes for qualifications at a particular level.

Point of Reference: a non-prescriptive indicator that explains the articulated links between qualifications, learning outcomes and/or other related concepts to enable an individual to progress from one qualification to another.

Recognition of Prior Learning: a verification process of an individual’s achievement of a set of learning outcomes acquired through formal, non-formal or informal learning, irrespective of time and place.

Higher Education Provider: a body corporate, organisation or other body of persons which conducts higher education or training programmes including skills training programmes leading to the award of a higher qualification or which award a higher education qualification and includes the public or private higher education providers, examination or certification bodies or their representatives.




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