Code of practice is a guideline for all the stakeholders about the seven quality assurance evaluation areas for quality assurance purposes.

Following is the list of code of practice documents.

No. Code of Practice (COP) Circular/Letter Document


Code of Practice for Programme Accreditation:

Open and Distance Learning (COPPA:ODL)
Second Edition

Circular No. 11/2019

English Version



Institutional Audit (COPIA)

COPIA provides guidance for internal quality audit to be conducted by the institutions and external audit to be conducted by MQA’s panel of auditors.


English Version



Programme Accreditation (COPPA)

COPPA includes guidelines on preparation of documents for programme accreditation and assists assessment process for programme accreditation.



English Version

Malay Version


Programme Accreditation (COPPA) Edition 2

Circular No. 5/2017

Versi Bahasa Inggeris



Open and Distance Learning (COP-ODL)

COP-ODL serves as a guideline for higher education providers that offer programmes via open and distance learning, for accreditation and programme audit purposes.

Circular No. 2/2012

English Version

Malay Version


Code of Practice for TVET Programme Accreditation (COPTPA)

COPTPA is the main reference for TVET programme accreditation. The scope of TVET Standards in COPTPA covers qualifications from Level 1 to Level 5 of the MQF. COPTA will serve our mutual interest in assuring the quality of TVET programmes.

Circular No. 10/2019

English Version