Standards document sets general guideline of certain qualification level based on the Malaysian Qualifications Framework. Standards is compulsory to be complied by the higher education providers in conducting higher education programmes.

Following is the list of standards documents.

No. Standards Circular/Letter Document


Executive Diploma

Circular Letter No. 4/2016 Circular No. 3/2013


Tarikh Kemaskini: 08 Jan 2020



Circular No. 1/2014


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Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma

Circular Department of Higher Education, Reference No. JPT/GS1000-606JLD.1(28) dated 22 July 2013

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Masters and Doctoral Degree

Surat Pekeliling Bil. 1/2015
Circular No. 4/2013
Circular No. 1/2013
Circular Letter No. 1/2013

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